An umrat's library
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agsmith578688@gmail.com Tony Smith Prestbury Glos.
2018-10-29 19:57:10 UTC
Some time in the '70s I bought a little book on bellringing. After moving to Prestbury in the '80s I lent it to someone but lost all track of the borrower and no local ringer knows anything of it.

I have always missed it and had a Search set up on abebooks, but last week I found and bought a second hand copy on Oxfam Online!

I have pencilled my name inside it!

Meanwhile, of course, I had been able to look at the Bodleian's copy and once did so.
agsmith578688@gmail.com Tony Smith Prestbury Glos.
2019-01-07 23:05:29 UTC
And another find:

I have twice visited the ruins of Fortrose cathedral. As it is free to access there is no guide book on sale locally. But I recently found that Historic Scotland did one in the 80s, jointly with a staffed site, and I now have a copy and have read up all about it.

But will I ever go there again?